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creative projects by children with rainbows


 March 30 2021


Watch the film 

Art of Remembrance – time in our hands’ an EBC Arts Development film made by digital artist Graham Elstone in collaboration with Erewash communities. “Graham has needed to adapt like all of us during lockdown periods and has made something intended for exhibit at Erewash Museum into a beautiful montage of creative work produce by local people. Please share widely as we recognise and appreciate how creativity has been a life line for many of us during these difficult times. A huge thanks to everyone involved.”- Zoe Sussmeyer Arts Development Coordinator



We live in extraordinary times, times that are for many people complex, worrying, difficult and strange…

2020 and now 2021 are like no other years and will no doubt be part of history for generations to come.

However, through this period people have found activities to make their way through the maze of challenges.

Art of Remembrance - Time in our Hands, is a way to show how we can remember this time in a positive light.

Watch the Mayor of Erewash's introduction to the upcoming film 

For many the use of creativity has been a  life line, young and old have used a multitude of creative activities to express feelings, find use of time, and share with others.

Painting, literary work, drawings, sculpture, photography, film, or even performance, all these artforms have been utilized to find solace in the otherwise challenging world.

Erewash Borough Councils Arts Development team alongside artist Graham Elstone were due to present an exhibition of work made by the Erewash community, but as a consequence of the current lockdown situations a physical exhibition at Erewash Museum is not possible. However a film of the project, participant work and school workshops (undertaken in October 2020) will be presented and will become a historical resource and record of the times.

Alongside showing the artwork submitted through an open–call out, the film will explore how creativity has enabled people to remember and understand historical periods and the challenges there in.

In the school workshops Graham Elstone (visual arts) and Chrissie Hall (writer), worked with young people to explore their thoughts on the past year and how it has affected them and those around them. Starting with ideas in history such as The Bayeux Tapestry and WW1 poetry, the groups used visual art and writing to create work that encompassed the multitude of thoughts, ideas and feelings experienced throughout society. The work created will become part of the film version.

The film will also ask questions about ‘what next?’. How do we remember this in years to come? Will there be a day set aside to remember? Will there be monuments and statues to NHS workers for example? Artists and creativity may well have an important role in not only contributing to these ideas but in also healing, supporting mental heath and social cohesion.

It is hoped that the final film will be presented in March/ April 2021 on all suitable platforms. The work submitted by community participants is also available for future physical presentations when possible.

Graham Elstone.