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what lies beneath

Discover the archaeological record of Erewash from the Roman occupation to the medieval period. See fascinating displays of artefacts that have been found at excavations across the borough and learn what life was like in the local area for our ancient ancestors.

Medieval Posy RingOne of the most interesting artefacts in the 'What Lies Beneath' gallery is the medieval posy ring. These were the most common type of love ring in use in the middle ages. The name 'posy' was derived from the form of inscription which this type of ring bears and is usually in rhyme or 'poesy'. Posy rings were usually given by both men and women as an expression of friendship, engagement, or love.

This example is silver with a gilt finish made to look like gold. It would still have been a reasonably expensive item and would have belonged to a relatively wealthy person. The ring was found in a farmer's field in Sandiacre by a local metal detector and donated to the British Museum in London. Erewash Museum then purchased the ring from the British Museum in 2010 and the ring has been on display for the people of Erewash to view ever since.