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We have a variety of School Workshops available for booking. To book, or for more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Pre-visit information to help you plan your visit is at the bottom of the page. 


Local History of Erewash

Ilkeston, Long Eaton and the surrounding villages have an interesting and rich history. Do you want to learn more about their origins, their people and their past? From our towns' early Saxon roots to the thriving Victorian hubs, explore their geography, their industries, and their trade. We explore the galleries and look at real items from our towns' pasts. All experienced from the Victorian house of a local lace manufacturer. Material provided with either a Ilkeston and Long Eaton focus. 

  Children looking at canon ball

Town Trail

Take a guided walk round Ilkeston Market Place with our local history specialist. Learn about the history of the great buildings we have and the people behind them. Including stops at the church, the library, the town hall, the fountain, Bath street and more. Using early photographs from the museum's collection and on the spot comparisons we think about the big questions: what is different between then and now, and why? Includes photo packs to take home. Fully risk assessed. 

collage of town pics

Victorian's at Play

Play time is here with our replicas of Victorian toys. Learn about how Victorian children would play, what is similar about our toys and their toys? Ask questions like how does this work? And what is this made of? Dress up with our provided costumes: waistcoats, caps and pinnys. Explore the Victorian building and see the Kitchen and Stables as they would have been in Victorian times. Also includes visit to Victorian school room [currently under restoration and reopening 2021]

 School room

Victorian Wash Day

Try your hand at doing the washing the Victorian way! Children will learn hands on how wash day would have been done in the Victorian times with our dolly tubs and mangles. They'll ask questions like: how is it different ? How is it similar? Why did they do it this way? Where are the machines? See and touch and play in the real Victorian kitchen and scullery where the cooking and washing would have been done. We offer Victorian waistcoats, caps and aprons for dressing up.

Weather dependant. Sessions are shortened in the cold weather and with younger children. Better to book in March-October. 

up stairs in costumesvictorian toys victorian kitchenvictorian washday

Victorian Schoolroom

The school room is currently under renovation and will return in 2021.
Session available with modifications. 

Take part in a lesson in our very own Victorian schoolroom. Learn about what children were taught in the Victorian times and how they were punished. You can also enjoy our selection of replica Victorian toys and games and have a go at having fun the Victorian way. Also are real Victorian school items and old photographs from local schools.  We offer Victorian waistcoats, caps and aprons for dressing up.

School Room 2

Victorian Medicine: Florence Nightingale

Learn about the life and work of the nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale. From Derbyshire, this local heroine provides a great way to explore history and the changes in medicine over the last 100 years. Did Victorians keep clean? Did they eat well? What did they think caused disease? Was medicine expensive? Through her amazing story, through hands on activities and exploring the museum we learn about important historical and PHSE topics like hand washing, keeping clean and eating a good diet. We offer Victorian waistcoats, caps and aprons for dressing up.

hands up better

Remembrance: WW1

Why do we remember those who fought in World War 1? And how do we do that remembering every year? Learn about the war and why it was different from previous wars, and what we do now to remember and say thank you. From poppies to war memorials to medals. Also includes visit to the War Gallery to see real medals, real artefacts from the wars and more. Includes craft activity

 IMG 20181025 143709 resized 20181025 030201047

Erewash at War: WW2

Learn about what life was like for the people of Erewash at home and the front. We look at key events in the War through the eyes on an evacuee, a soldier and a nurse. What did it feel like to be a part of the war? Includes hands on activities, handling real and replica wartime objects and visit to the War Gallery to explore real WW2 artefacts. 

learning face 

Transport and Industry in the Erewash Valley 

Roads, Railways and Canals. Why do so many transport systems go right through the Erewash Valley? And what were they carrying? Lace, metal, pottery and all the great things made in our area. Which system was the best? Become a wealthy industrialist choosing where to invest your cash to get your goods to the big city for sale. And learn about how Ilkeston grew from a small village to a big town because of the trade and transport boom. Handle real objects, enjoy hands on activities and role play. Includes Victorian dressing up clothes. 

looking children 

Shopping in the Past

How did people in the past do their shopping? Not online or in big supermarkets but in small little local shops. This session teaches us about how we used to shop, using old photographs from our local high streets and in our own room-setting the 1950s shop. What toys could you buy with your old fashioned pennies? Can you work together to buy a bigger toy? Maths and history combine to help us ask the question: what is similar and what is different about shopping?

[please excuse the Halloween decorations in the picture of the shop here. It was a seasonal fun day!]

Happy fun shop


About Your Visit

Our newly refurbished Hayloft education room will be available for your visit and we have a large garden area and courtyard for break times. If you wish to bring snacks and drinks for break time that is fine.

All visits are free of charge; however you are welcome to give a donation of £25. This goes towards the materials for sessions and our other community work. 

The museum has many rooms, some decorated as historical rooms, some normal galleries telling the story of the people of Erewash. It is spread over 2 floors. There are ( currently restricted currently due to covid) lots of areas which encourage hands on exploration. There a dedicated accessible to the education room and accessible toilets. However as it is a listed building the upstairs is not accessible. If you have pupils with access needs please let us know on your booking forms. We will ensure the session is altered to suit your needs. 

Who are the workshops suitable for?
The workshops are designed for KS1, 2 and 3. Sessions can be adapted for KS4. Erewash Museum offers inclusive learning opportunities for all pupils, so some sessions are adaptable to older groups, and pupils with Special Educational Needs. Please let us know of any access or additional support requirements on your booking form.

Session Times
We can be flexible on arrival and departure times however our recommended times are: 10am to 12pm or 1pm to 3pm

Most of our workshops last 1 hour. They can be combined with another session to make 2 hours, or there are extension activities to dive deeper into the subject. The Town Trail walk is 2 hours. 

Facilities on site
There are two toilets available in the entrance to the Hayloft. We have one toilet that is accessible for wheelchair users. There is a changing table for younger children.

Pack lunches can be eaten in the Hayloft education room. There is access to drinking water. Usually there is a cafe open onsite during opening hours. 

Health and Safety

  • Risk Assessments – Each workshop has a risk assessment which is continually reviewed and updated in line with EBC’s Risk Assessment protocol. All risk assessments are available on request to help you write your own. Contact us if you need any help with this. 
  • First Aid – All staff are First Aid trained
  • Safeguarding – All staff and volunteers involved with Erewash Museum’s education programme, who are required to be, are DBS checked.

Special Educational Needs
Education and culture belongs to everyone. Please let us know of any access or additional support requirements before your visit. If your class would benefit from us altering the sessions e.g. less noise, no stairs, please let us know. 

How to find us
The museum is based in the centre of Ilkeston, just off the marketplace. The museum has a small car park which can hold cars and mini-buses, but please warn us so we can cordon off space. If your group is travelling by coach, you will need to be dropped off and collected. There is a coach drop off point in the market place, map available upon request. 

The museum carpark is accessed via Chapel Street, Burr Lane onto High Street, following the brown signs. Alternative parking is available at East Street pay and display carpark, a short walk from the museum.

hayloft pic cheeky monkey face Crafts