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Arts Development help communities and artists to realise possibilities in a range of contexts. These include health, communities, education and regeneration. We work with a diverse group of partners to develop activities that will enhance the lives of local people and visitors to the area

We aim to give everyone the chance to be creative, regardless of who they. Providing advice to artists, organisations and our communities. This can help develop a project, reach an audience, get some funding and set up groups or meeting with the right people. We create meaningful experiences to encourage creativity and opportunity for Erewash people

See our Latest Projects and find out more about our Art of Remembrance: Time in Our Hnands.  2020/2021 a year that will be remembered in history. We have collaborated with artist Graham Elstone and Erewash people to create a piece of work that we will go on to remembered during the year that we stayed apart, to be together. In efforts to keep people safe we stayed home and people became incredibly creative and resourceful, we asked the Erewash community to share the things that have kept them going. [Originally set to exhibit all work at Erewash Museum, this changed due to the January 2021 national lockdown and is now available in a short film]

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