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Resources Boxes

History belongs to everyone. We want every child to have the chance enjoy being curious, learn by exploring and touching artefacts, or to enjoy just having a go! Borrowing boxes is £5 a week, with a £10 refundable deposit. Email us to book, for more information or to hear about our School Visits programme. 

We have a range of resource boxes to for schools and home educators to borrow:


Victorians at Play

 Fun with replica Victorian toys and games. Play like a Victorian child with a box of Victorian style toys.
What toys are similar, and what toys are different? 


 Hobby horse    Whip and top  Five Stones and marbles
 Skipping rope  Insect collection  Kaleidoscope
 Building blocks  Diablo  Jacob's Ladder
 Cup and ball  Teddy Bear  Picture dominoes

Victorian toys box 


Victorian School Days

Experience Victorian school life in your own classroom. This box shows how and
what children learned, what they wore and how they were punished! Also contains real local 
items from children, and photographs of local schools c.1900. 


 Inkwell refilling jug  Exercise books (real)  Attendance medal (real)
 Abacus  Finger stocks  Alphabet teaching blocks
 Chalk boards x10  Pencil case and chalks  Costume- girls and boys
Sampler stitching from local

Children's song learning
book (real)

 Pictures of local school children
Kings and Queens ruler Cane

Victorian School Days box contents school items 


 Victorian Home Life

This box is full of real Victorian artefacts from the home. Handle the Victorian items and see how they are
similar (or different) to modern domestic items. Also have a go at rag-rug making with the our kit. All 
items are real 19th or early 20th C unless stated.


Rag-rug making kit

Soap grater  Pegs
 Carpet Beater Rolling pin  Laundry poncher
 Victorian coins Laundry tongs Cast iron kettle
Butter pats

Wash jug and bowl

 Hot water bottle
Carbolic soap Flat iron Candlestick holder
Paraffin lamp (replica) House keepers costume (replica)  


Victorian Domestic Life box contents household items


 Life at the Front: World War 1

This box has real and replica items from Ilkeston people's war, replica items to touch and discover,
with books on life at the Front and local experiences. 


 Real WW1 campaign medals

 Ammunition pouch

 Your Country Needs You poster

 Soldier's mess tin  Field dressing (first aid)  Princess Mary Tin and contents
 Trench orders  Off to War, book
Ilkeston local history society
War Horse, book
 Soldier's pay book

 Soldier's uniform (child size)

Chocolate bar rations
 Condensed milk rations

world war one box items medals uniforms and books


Evacuee: World War 2

Become an evacuee in the classroom! Use the suitcase containing items a child would take with them. 
 Use our label templates, boys and girls costume and items to become an evacuee.
Or become an ARP warden protecting the city from attack.
Also has
 other local real and replica items from the second World War.


 Girl and boy costume bundles

 Ration book and food resources   Gas attack warning rattle
 Gas mask and bag, replica (not pictured)  ARP stamp   ARP patch (real)
 1940s style teddy bear  Real shell and shrapnel  ARP warden armband 
 Evacuee suitcase: soap, toothbrush, flannel, towel, socks,
comb, underwear, shoes, handkerchief, pocket money
 Gas attack resources  ARP warden helmet and pin badge


Evacuee box contents childs items and arp warden items


 Stone Age Life

With real stone age flints from around the Erewash region and replica items related to hunting,
cutting, carrying and living. Discover how the ingenious Stone Age people survived by using the world
around them.


Palaeolithic flint
core (real)

Neolithic scrapper
Mesolithic microliths
(real mini flints) 
 Stone hammer  Reindeer fur  Neolithic blade
 Arrows  Birch bark container  Fish harpoon
 Bronze axe head  Wood-chopping axe  Leather (pig skin)
 Twine of knotted reeds  Spear heads  Wooden dish


Stone Age box items contents flints weapons furs 


 Roman Life

With this box experience everyday items from Roman life. Find out how kept themselves clean and tidy,
how they counted their money, how their wore their shoes, played with toys, and wrote on wax tablets.


Roman coins x13

Perfume pot Counting cloth and instructions
 Knuckle bones game  Horse toy  Strigil
Spoon  Indented pot  Large bowl
 Hygiene set  Wax tablet and stylus  Oil lamp


Roman life box contents domestic Roman items 


 Roman leaders and warriors

Explore the violent and dramatic side of Roman life with replica items that the roman generals and         
leaders might own. Dress as a soldier or a politician. See replica jewellery and high class objects..


Five stones game

Emperor's ring Legionary armour (child sized)
Toga and tunic Sandals  Legionary helmet and crest
Oil lamp Coins x5 Mini sword
Book, Roman things to make and do Brick from hypocaust (real) Roman amphora fragment (real)


Roman army and leaders box contents costumes and objects 


 Egyptian Life

Experience replica objects from the Egyptian world. See sculptures of the Egyptian gods, amulets, see
and touch their jewellery, statues, food, their make-up and their papyrus.


Bead anklet

Khol pot (make-up) Pyramid ornament
 Clay bead necklace  Cane sandals  Osiris, Bast and Isis statues
 Cane pipes (music)  Gallabaya (costume)  Scarab amulet
 Beans and lentils (diet)  Oil lamp  Lion amulet
 Mini Rosetta stone  Papyrus sheets  Eye of Horus


Egyptian life box contents displayed


 The Vikings and Saxons

Borrow this box to see replica objects from the life of the similar, but very different, Vikings (Norse) and
Saxons. Included are examples of their pottery, jewellery, weaponry, games, ropes, chainmail and rune stones.


Chain mail piece

Leather rope Rune pouch
 Small Saxon urn  Staffordshire hoard jewellery   Shield boss
 Large Viking urn  Silver trinkets  Bracelets
 Viking sword handle Brooch Knucklebones game


Viking and saxons box contents


 Tudor Shipwreck

Our Tudor themed resource box contains replicas of items from the famous Marie Rose shipwreck:
clay pipes, pottery, candlesticks. Also includes a home made brass rubbing kit and more. 


Brass rubbing kit

Clogs Coins
 Oil lamps x2  Fire Stones  Comb
 Chain mail helm  Rosary beads  Clay tobacco pipe
 Canon ball Candlesticks x2 Unglazed cup
Wooden trencher plate Horn flagon Cups and jugs




Tudor box items displayed


 Aztecs and Mayans

Experience the mysterious and fascinating Aztecs and Mayan culture.
See and touch, the calendar stones, the writing and the sculptures of the Mayans and
Aztec people. 


Musical instrument

Parchment with 'storm' glyph Pot
Metate and pestle stick Cocoa beans Incense bundle
Mayan calendar stone Incense burner  

Mayans and aztecs box contents


Contents may vary slightly from the above list depending on repair/ alterations of boxes. Please call to discuss.